The Jobs Imperative: Improving Employment Outcomes for India’s Youth

JustJobs Network

Generating jobs and cultivating skills has been a cornerstone of development efforts by the private sector, foundations and non-profits and grassroots organizations for some time now, but interventions have been complicated by the country’s vast scale, enormous regional diversity, and endemic problems with policy design and implementation. Ad hoc approaches have not yielded meaningful impact.

Against this backdrop, the JustJobs Network and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation worked together to develop a new model to address the jobs crisis and chart a better economic trajectory for youth.


5 Key Findings: 1. Major misalignments between business demand and youth supply remain. 55% of youth cited ""insufficient information"" as one of the top three obstacles in finding a job. 2. Entrepreneurship is not a panacea for employment woes. Aggregate youth preferences by preferred job sector: Start your own business - 38% Work for a private company / MNC - 28% Work for the government / public sector - 22% 3. Data confirms that geography matters to jobs 4. Signs point to the disruptive effects of technology underscoring the need for adjusting education and skills accordingly. 95% of employed youth said that they are unaware of the online placement services. 5. Despite overall economic progress, women continue to be restrained by engendered attitudes. Only 23.7 % of women in working age enter the labour market (Labour Bureau 2016: Report on 5th Annual Employment-Unemployment Survey)
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