Child Protection and Well-being in Maharashtra

Approximately 40% of India’s population are children, and many of them remain vulnerable.

NEEV is a ‘Child-first Collaboration’ focused collective. It will provide a new vision and working model, which allows every child to grow up in a family with a sense of security and love, that becomes a foundation for their well-being. The Accountability Initiative at the Centre for Policy Research is a NEEV partner. A mini community of practice will be created as part of this partnership. The Track will dedicate itself to finding pathways to family-based care in Maharashtra.

The Track will feature participants who are public officials and CSO change makers. Research evidence on existing protection policies and administrative structures from the Accountability Initiative’s research will be used to anchor discussions. Cross-pollination of knowledge and on-ground insights of the participants will also be done to inform decision-making, and catalyse reforms.