Community Charter

The PULSE for Development community of practice exists to support you in solutioneering on India’s most-pressing development challenges. We believe that there is immense power in collective action. For this, as a platform, we aim at not just facilitating collaboration but also fostering a sense of shared purpose. Our values as a community are enshrined in this charter for each member.

Networking for a common goal

As a platform, PULSE for Development will create a space for members to connect with each other on their work and to collaborate. While we strongly encourage you showcasing yours or your organisation’s work, we also expect that you will listen to and engage with the work of other members.


This community of practice is unique in India as it comprises a diverse range of members and skill sets, government officials, C-suite executives of leading non-profits, policy researchers, and members of the funding community, among others are members.

The platform is sector agnostic, but has a strong focus on welfare, and is made up of members from across the country irrespective of organisation size or geographic location.

This is why we emphasise on respecting the voice of members no matter who they are, which organisation they belong to, their seniority, and where they are located. As every community, there are some non-negotiables. These are:

  • Posts or language use that are inappropriate to a workplace setting.
  • Invasions of privacy.
  • Posting of information/knowledge/resource that is misleading or factually incorrect.
  • Slander or libel against an individual, government department, or other institution.
    Continuous promotion of the individual/organisation rather than the work that members can learn from.
  • Comments or posting of resources that stereotype or are outright harmful.
  • Pursuance of a religious or political agenda.

Responsive Governance

The PULSE for Development is anchored by the Accountability Initiative at the Centre for Policy Research, a research group that has, for more than a decade, worked on improving the responsiveness of governance to citizen needs. As a member of the community, we hope that you too will use this platform for deliberation and collaboration to make your work easier, and ultimately improve governance in India.

Inspired action

You are at the heart of what we do. As a member, you will have access to rich insights, debates, discussions, and practices through peer interaction. Learning, sharing, collaborating, and feeding back to the platform are thus crucial to keep this community alive.

We are actively working to make this website more accessible and inclusive, including for working professionals who also identify as persons with disabilities. While our working language is English, we regularly put out knowledge in Hindi. These are our primary working languages.

If you have concerns/feedback, do write to us at

To review the criteria for membership, please visit here.