The PULSE for Development community of practice is currently incubated in the Accountability Initiative at the Centre for Policy Research to connect diverse development practitioners irrespective of where they are located in the country or abroad, thematic area they work in, organisation, or job role. The community of practice is membership-based and India focused. While membership is free-of-cost, it is curated, which means that we only accept member requests from existing development practitioners. PULSE for Development is a digital-first platform.

Yes, if you have experience in the development sector, you can apply for membership free-of-cost.

As a community of practice, we hope to build our membership base that expands the quality and rigour of conversations that are being had on current policy priorities within India. If you are part of a non-profit or for-profit organisation and want to become a member, tap this link to register.

Non-profit and for-profit organisations who are actively working towards the Sustainable Development Goals in India are considered for membership. You can be operating at the national level, in India’s states, or in districts - we would love to make you part of our community. At this link you can take a look at current members.

Yes, if you have experience in the development sector, you can apply for membership free-of-cost via this link.

The PULSE for Development looks forward to connecting existing development practitioners on a host of challenges confronting India, and documenting best practices as well as innovations from the present work of organisations and the government. Since students are only starting out in their career as development practitioners, we are currently unable to process membership requests of students.

Unfortunately not. At this moment we only consider active development practitioners for membership. These are people who are directly involved in community-level programmes, policy-making, policy implementation or research.

There is no membership fee as of now.

You can network with fellow members, learn about and contribute to wide-ranging discussions, showcase your organisation’s/your work, and solutioneer on some of India’s most-pressing challenges! Know more at this link.

You can write to us at hello.pulse@cprindia.org.

The PULSE for Development website is our primary repository of everything that is going on within the community of practice. This is why we have introduced two types of viewing privileges. All information about member organisations, their projects, and resources they upload for example are public view and are visible to anyone with the website link.

However, only members have access to discussions within the community, profiles of members who have registered individually or who are part of an organisation for example. This is the ‘membership’ view.

There is information that only members have exclusive access to, for which log in is required.

Like all communities, people-to-people contact lies at the heart of what we do. In order to make sure that your experience as a member is fruitful, engaging and safe, we have put in place some guidelines that all members should go through at the time of registration. We do not tolerate lobbying or any undue influence on government functionaries and policies or illegal activities. A member or member organisation can be disbarred from the community should such details come to light.

We welcome your inputs. Do write to us at hello.pulse@cprindia.org.