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Wadhwani AI: Data Science and AI Based Modelling and Tools

Wadhwani AI is working on:
– Actionable insights: Analysing anonymized telecom data from social media and telecom companies to yield actionable insights from mobility patterns
– Scenario modelling: Modelling the future evolution of disease spread in a localized manner (for states, districts, and cities); Model comparison framework to assess multiple models
– Planning & Resource Allocation: Identifying effects of potential interventions by location and time; Tools for resource optimisation (e.g. efficient use of RT-PCR kits)
– Cough based screening tool: We are building an AI-based tool to screen for CoVID-19 in a home setting, using the audio-signature of cough as recorded by an isolated patient on a mobile phone combined with contextual information including location and reported symptoms.

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  • Data visualizations/dashboards
  • Secondary data collection and analysis
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  • Health and Nutrition