Measuring quality of family planning counselling and its effects on uptake of contraceptives in public health facilities in Uttar Pradesh

Sambodhi Research

Quality of care in family planning traditionally focuses on promoting awareness of the broad array of contraceptive options rather than on the quality of interpersonal communication offered by family planning (FP) providers. There is a growing emphasis on person-centered contraceptive counselling, care that is respectful and focuses on meeting the reproductive needs of a couple, rather than fertility regulation. Despite the increasing global focus on person-centered care, little is known about the quality of FP care provided in low- and middle- income countries like India.

This study involves the development and psychometric testing of a Quality of Family Planning Counselling (QFPC) measure, and assessment of its associations with contraceptives selected by clients subsequently.

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  • Uttar Pradesh


  • Research report


  • Child Rights and Child Labour
  • Gender-based issues