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Collaborative Research and Dissemination: Research on Access to Government Schemes in Andhra Pradesh

Collaborative Research and Dissemination is working with Libtech India to provide foodgrains and similar products to tribal areas in Andhra Pradesh. Together with Libtech, Collaborative Research and Dissemination is also trying to analyse the impact of government social security programmes – primarily MNREGS and PDS – as a coping strategy for the rural poor. For this purpose secondary data and some primary data is being used. Attempts are being made to conduct a larger interstate study of the impact of these schemes using government data and phone surveys.

Collaborative Research and Dissemination also plans to study the impact of the crisis on school education and possible strategies for mitigation.


  • Andhra Pradesh


  • Relief work/Access to government services
  • Primary data collection and analysis
  • Secondary data collection and analysis


  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Education
  • Livelihoods
  • Social Protection