Community Based Survey: Round 3

GramVaani Community Media (OnionDev Technologies)

Gram Vaani conducted a third round of community surveys on the Mobile Vaani network in Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh, this time with a greater focus on child nutrition security through the mid-day meal and Anganwadi services.


- 68% respondents have not received dry rations or any monetary assistance in lieu of mid day meals in schools. - Of those who received some benefits, 80% have received a monthly ration kit comprising of only wheat and rice, while only 9% received dry ration along with cost for cooking, and another 11% received cash transfers in lieu of mid day meals. - Of those who did not receive any assistance, 76% parents say that they are finding it hard to provide good quality food to their children and are managing somehow, while 17% are unable to provide good quality food. - 77% of the respondents who have children enrolled in Anganwadi centers have not received any provisions from the centers. - At times, family members including children even had to skip meals or cut down on the food amounts because of affordability reasons. 47% respondents said that they faced this situation.
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