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Oxfam India: Relief Work

Oxfam India is responding to the crisis in 14 states on prevention and social protection. With the support of 41+ partners Oxfam is doing the following interventions:
– Food and nutrition security covering cooked meal, dry ration and self-help community kitchens
– Water, sanitation and health (WaSH) covering bathing soaps, sanitisers, masks, Sanitary napkins, disinfectants, washing powder/detergent soaps etc. for the community
– Essential health supplies for service providers (PPE kits) – full-body covers, disposable goggles, aprons, N95 masks, surgical gloves in additional to alcohol-based hand sanitiser, handwashing liquid soap etc.
– Unconditional cash transfer (UCT) as a means to give flexibility to the beneficiaries for meeting other needs over ‘fixed package in-kind support’ and as a means to boost to the local economy.
– Training/ orientation of the humanitarian staff, government frontline workers on COVID-19 (through digitally available mediums and using context-specific methodologies that addresses the concerns of Protection Protocols for COVID 19)
– Communications/ IEC materials on COVID- 19 in local languages including leveraging technology that enables voice and data interface as well for mass messaging


  • Pan-India


  • Relief work/Access to government services
  • Information compilation and dissemination


  • Financial inclusion
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Social Protection
  • Water and Sanitation