The Future of Work for Women Workers

IWWAGE-LEAD at Krea University

A research report by IWWAGE and LEAD and KREA University on the nature of gendered work in the gig economy, India.


We find that the gig economy offers women choice of work and flexible work modalities to manage paid and unpaid work, but is largely an urban phenomenon. Women gig workers appreciate the income-generating potential of the gig economy, and are the major beneficiaries of the gig ecosystem. However, we find that these women also encounter numerous challenges with regards to access to social protection, safety, upward mobility, and lack of effective bargaining power. Also, the pervasiveness of automated ratings and review mechanisms is a chief issue in the gig economy. We make specific recommendations and argue that policy makers and platforms have a key role in ensuring access to decent work and social protection for these workers.
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  • Pan-India


  • Research report


  • Gender-based issues
  • Livelihoods