Trends in Women’s Workforce Participation in India

IWWAGE-LEAD at Krea University

IWWAGE’s Women’s Workforce Participation in India: State-wise Trends is a series of state factsheets highlighting important aspects of women’s employment across the states in India. The factsheets use secondary data provided by the National Sample Surveys’ recent Periodic Labour Force Surveys (PLFS), PLFS 2017-18 and PLFS 2018-19. The factsheets also draw on data from the employment – unemployment surveys (EUS) conducted by the same agency in previous years as well as data from other sources to support state specific analysis.


The series reveals interesting trends in women’s employment in Indian states such as changes in the composition of women’s workforce by employment status over the years, disaggregation of women workers across major sectors, status of non-wage benefits available to women in regular salaried work as well as insights into the performance of MGNREGA within states.
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