Mobilising Women’s Leadership for Transformative Change

The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project has worked with women leaders in rural communities with high levels of hunger and poverty in Africa, Latin America and South Asia for over 30 years. Drawing on the lessons they have learned from mobilising their participation and leadership in community-led development activities—holistic, multisectoral activities that are rooted in mobilising communities for action — they put forward policy recommendations to increase the role of women in public spaces and decision-making processes at the community level.


The White Paper discusses the following themes: 1) Leveraging Community-led Development to Foster Women’s Leadership for Transformative Change; 2) Barriers to Women’s Leadership; 3) Lessons Learned about Effectively Promoting Women’s Leadership; 4) Recommendations to Foster Women’s Leadership to Bring about Transformative Change
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  • Pan-India


  • Policy recommendations


  • Gender-based issues