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Haqdarshak: App, Infographics and Multilingual Helpline

Haqdarshak is leveraging its current scheme discovery and application support infrastructure to support the Indian government’s COVID19 relief measures which are aimed at daily wage earners, farmers, women, SMEs. As one of the most immediate measures, Haqdarshak put together an infographics package with easy to understand details about the relief packages that the Indian government announced. We also quickly translated these into local languages so that the end beneficiary could consume this information. Currently this information along with other details are available at our COVID19 specific information resource page:

Further, we have also launched a multilingual helpline—11 languages—which provides information about relief measures, both government and private and how to access these. We are already seeing a lot of success stories emerge out of this set up. Apart from the current free resources, we have also designed customised offerings for clients according to their demands. We are targeting corporates, startups, philanthropies, NGOs and governments. We are providing:

1. Quick API integrations for our schemes content and eligibility engines which have been updated with the COVID19 relief schemes
2. Online and offline support packages for target audiences with respect to COVID19 relief schemes as well as general documentation, financial inclusion services and welfare schemes – these would be needed as the economy faces a slowdown and in general government support picks up
3. Strengthening our helpline with customisations for governments
4. Working with private funders to reach intended beneficiaries to whom monetary support can be extended

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  • Relief work/Access to government services
  • Information compilation and dissemination


  • Agriculture and Food Security
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