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Karona Apni Suraksha

Karona Apni Suraksha is Pratham’s current communication initiative about COVID-19. It is focused on ensuring delivery of accurate, essential and verified information related to COVID-19 in different regional languages in a form that is easy to understand and use. For this, multiple delivery channels (SMS, WhatsApp, Zoom, YouTube and phone calls) and two-way communication methods are being used. This is important keeping in mind that most of these communities are low-tech and under-resourced, where availability of such crucial information is scarce. The objectives of this campaign include (a) ensuring information reaches the last mile and (b) establishing an open and two-way channel of communication so that information can be discussed, and questions clarified.

The campaign is being conducted in 11 languages. Content includes health-awareness information, busting myths around the virus, its causes and consequences, and details of why vaccination is essential and dealing with misconceptions about vaccination. Wherever possible, activities to engage children are also being planned. It is our hope that such efforts can not only reach the last mile but also contribute in equipping families and communities to cope with current and future waves. Pratham is leveraging its existing community relations to disseminate a wide array of content regarding COVID-19 to over 20,000 communities. At the same time, the entire communication package is also available freely to other partners and organizations.

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