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Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3): Information Dissemination in Bihar

In Bihar, the Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3) is creating awareness about COVID-19, including  prevention, hygiene, social distancing and isolation, and combating stigma.

– Created a series of messages for dissemination over social media on prevention, hygiene, social distancing and isolation
– Awareness messages on safety and prevention practices for pregnant and breastfeeding women
– Set of messages on entitlements announced by the Government of India and the Government of Bihar for the poor and migrants. These messages have been shared with Panchayat members and MLAs/MPs/MLCs of Bihar and Panchayat members. There has been a wide dissemination of these messages by MLAs/MPs till date.
– C3 is also  supporting Ward Members from selected Gram Panchayats in Bihar with COVID-19 related information, information for pregnant women, and information about government entitlements. The aim is to enable Ward Members to play a pro-active role in prevention activities related to COVID-19 in their wards.


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