Delhi NCR Coronavirus Telephone Survey (DCVTS)

National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER)

NCAER has released results of its first round of the Delhi National Capital Region Coronavirus Telephone Survey (DCVTS). The study, conducted by NCAER’s National Data Innovation Centre uses a scientifically designed rapid telephone survey in both the urban and rural parts of Delhi NCR to assess:
– People’s knowledge of the Coronavirus
– People’s attitudes and perceptions towards the risk of a Coronavirus infection
– Preventive and control measures, especially social distancing, and the feasibility of adhering to them
– The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on people’s livelihoods, income, social life, and access to essential items


- Results point to considerable success in communicating the dangers of the Coronavirus and the importance of social distancing among respondents. An estimated 94.9 per cent of respondents reported the virus to be highly dangerous, with an additional 3.2 per cent considering it to be moderately dangerous. - 84.7 per cent of respondents were aware of fever as a symptom, and 84.9 per cent aware of cough as a symptom, but only 44.6 per cent of respondents identified breathing difficulties as a symptom.
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  • Delhi (NCT)


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  • Health and Nutrition
  • Livelihoods
  • Skilling/vocational education