Promoting Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities

August 31, 2023


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Promoting Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities

According to a 2019 UNESCO report, a significant fact emerges: out of the 78.64 lakh children with disabilities in India, approximately three-fourth of those aged five years do not have access to any educational institution resulting in denial to their right to a dignified life. As per Unified District Information System for Education, 2015-16, 61.83% of elementary schools are having ramps and 23.08% schools have been provided Children With Special Needs friendly toilets. Additionally, 12% of the children with disability have dropped out of school and 27% of children with disability have never attended any educational institution. A majority of schools with ramps were government schools and only 33.8 per cent of private schools had these facilities. In 2021, the Supreme Court noted that there is an acute shortage of trained special teachers in India, with only 1.2 lakh special educators registered at present with the Rehabilitation Council of India. The session will explore key challenges and potential solutions for promoting education of children with disabilities. The session will provide a platform for discussion and dialogue on the following topics:

1. Policy challenges in implementing existing inclusive education strategies.
2. Best practices in inclusive education: Examples of strategies and innovations.
3. The role of governments, policymakers, and civil society organisations in collaborating on inclusive education for children with disabilities.

The Coalition Series is crucial for fostering collaboration and solidarity among CSOs, government, and development practitioners. By addressing pressing issues and promoting shared solutions, it empowers stakeholders to drive positive change. Through collective action, the series has the potential to shape a better future for public life.


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