Commemorating 100 organisational members – Advancing India’s Welfare Challenges through Collaborative Practice

September 15, 2023


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Commemorating 100 organisational members – Advancing India’s Welfare Challenges through Collaborative Practice

Coalitions like PULSE for Development hold immense potential for driving sustainable development in India. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, coalitions facilitate collaboration and the exchange of ideas, leading to the generation of innovative solutions. The pooling of resources, expertise, and experiences enables a holistic approach to problem-solving. Through coalitions, CSOs and government entities can streamline their efforts, avoid duplication, and share resources. This promotes efficiency and allows for the effective allocation of limited resources to address multiple challenges simultaneously. Moreover, coalitions create an environment where members can learn from each other’s experiences, experiments, and research findings. This collective learning generates new knowledge, improves practices, and accelerates the adoption of successful approaches. Through a common vision, coalitions can advocate for changes at a systemic level, influencing policies, legislation, and resource allocation to create lasting impact.
The objective of this event is to emphasise the transformative potential of coalitions like PULSE for Development in addressing developmental issues and overcoming challenges in the development sector by bringing together civil society organisations (CSOs), practitioners, and government officials. Through dialogue and discussions, the event aims to explore the role of coalitions in influencing policy decisions, shaping development agendas, and fostering systemic change, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and effective approach to addressing India’s welfare challenges.

The event will provide a platform for discussion and dialogue on the following topics:

  • How has knowledge sharing and cross-pollination of insights within coalitions contributed to more effective strategies and interventions?
  • How can the collective voice of coalitions influence policy decisions and contribute to systemic change in India?
  • What are the potential areas for collaboration between CSOs and government entities to drive impactful change, and how can a coalition facilitate these collaborations?



  • Gagan Kaur, Manager, Rebuild India Fund, Dasra.
  • Vaibhav Mishra, Deputy Project Lead, Rapid Rural Community Response.
  • Simi Karan (IAS), Sub Divisional Officer, Bokakhat, Assam.

Moderated by: Avani Kapur, Lead, Accountability Initiative, Centre for Policy Research.


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