Voices of the Invisible Citizens II

Jan Sahas Social Development Society

This report “Voices of the Invisible Citizens” is a result of conversations with 2342 workers across five states. The research shows that the slow churn from the lockdown and a crumbling economy is having multifold impacts on the lives of the workers.


Workers based on the experience of being left to fend for themselves on account of the lockdown in 2020 have learnt quickly and intuitively. 57% respondents reported a decrease in migration in the past year. Major reasons cited for this decrease are fear of contracting COVID (71%), lack of job opportunities at the destination (54%), and fear of sudden lockdowns (47%). 55% of the migrant workers who are venturing out reported that they are now moving for shorter durations than before. The data also shows that in states where employment is available workers prefer intra-district migration and states with abysmal employment opportunities are pushing workers out to other states at their own risk.
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  • Delhi (NCT)
  • Maharashtra
  • Telangana


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