The Role of Small Cities in Shaping Youth Employment Outcomes in India and Indonesia

JustJobs Network

This report is part of a research program examining small cities in India and Indonesia from the perspective of employment, migration and youth, led by Mukta Naik of Centre for Policy Research (CPR) and Gregory F Randolph of JustJobs Network (JJN).


Small cities are critical in realizing the demographic dividend: - A high share of non-farm employment already exists in small cities - Small cities are critical in facilitating rural-urban migration - Small towns are proliferating due to rural-to-urban transformations Key findings: - Small cities are at the cusp of migration pathways - Emerging small city economies can be specialized - Economic mobility is not guaranteed; some get stuck in 'dead end' jobs - Small cities provide an opportunity for women to negotiate new economic roles
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  • Karnataka
  • Rajasthan


  • Research report


  • Livelihoods
  • Migration
  • Skilling/vocational education