Saajha Manch Lockdown Survey

GramVaani Community Media (OnionDev Technologies)

Survey of migrant workers via IVR. The survey asked the following questions, and connected those in need of assistance with providers on the ground:
• No personal details were collected, only location
• Have they been laid off and did they get any assistance from employer?
• Do they have a running PF account?
• Are they staying with family members?
• Would they like to travel home?
• Are they in need of emergency assistance and of what kind?


Key findings: - Survey covered workers from Tirupur, Gurugram, and Ahmedabad. Workers in Tirupur were most likely to be laid off, followed by Ahmedabad. However wage dues were cleared for Tirupur workers, but not for Ahmedabad workers - 46.6% of Tirupur workers received advance wage or employer compensation - All workers reported urgent need for food - Majority of respondents do not have access to PF account
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  • Disaster management
  • Livelihoods