Rapid Assessment Surveys for Timely, Localised, Targeted Solutions

Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF) in partnership with People’s Action for National Integration (PANI) and DHWANI Rural Information Systems piloted a mobile-enabled rapid survey process in Balrampur, UP in mid-April (7th-17th). The first pilot to assess village preparedness and harvest risks was rolled out in 211 villages through our village-based cadre of young professionals. They spoke to the Gram Pradhans and ASHA workers in their respective villages. It took about 10 days to get the mobile-enabled platform going from design to tool development, deployment, analysis and results!


Key findings from the trial (which will now inform a localised response strategy with the district administration): 64% of villages surveyed in Balarampur (Uttar Pradesh) reported a significant incidence of migrant workers returning to their villages in the past week. COVID19 virus awareness is widespread as a result of TV and phone messages. People are aware of personal precautions that they need to undertake (handwash, social distancing etc.). However, campaigns still need to drive awareness of specific aspects such as preventing contact with infected patients Only 1/3rd of surveyed Panchayats have received some funds to set up isolation facilities for potential patients. Less than half (42%) the villages reported that all frontline workers (ASHA, ANM, Aanganwadi worker) have safety gear (mask, gloves, sanitisers). Access to basic protective gear across all key frontline workers has gaps that need to be addressed. While labour is available, over 75% villages reported lack of operational mandis and no access for farmers to sell their produce for the upcoming Rabi harvest
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