Job Loss and Behavioural Change: The Unprecedented Effects of the India Lockdown in Delhi

Working Paper on the effects of the lockdown in Delhi. The sampling frame for this study consists of mostly poor and non-migrant workers living in Delhi, and some of the surrounding urban areas, drawn from a studies in 2018 and 2019. Post lockdown, a random subset were contacted telephonically; data was also drawn from Facebook.


Insights: - Facebook mobility data indicates that intra-city movement dropped by 20% - Weekly income in sample set fell by 56.5% - Observed widespread adoption of public health measures (staying indoors, wearing a mask, regular hand washing) - Sample data does not show substantive changes in rates of hunger, product scarcity, ability to access medical care, or security - Relatively higher rates of depression, challenges in food supply chains, and dwindling savings are challenges for future lockdowns
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  • Delhi (NCT)


  • Research report


  • Health and Nutrition
  • Livelihoods