COVID-19 Preparedness Checklist for Rural Primary Health Care

Action India

This document is being maintained by the COVID-19-PHC Action Group, a voluntary group of public health researchers, practitioners and experts committed to improving preparedness and action in rural primary health care and community settings.

The preparedness of government Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and several NGO-run community health centres and hospitals will be crucial in terms of their response to prevent the further transmission of COVID-19 with respect to screening of patients with symptoms, and in responding, either with
treatment or referral.


The typical reader of this document is a managing a primary care facility (PHC medical officer or manager of NGO/community health centre) in a rural area. We have kept in mind the typical PHC setting in rural India. This too may vary from state to state, from district to district, and hence these guidelines will require adaptation to your setting.
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