COVID-19 Institutional Resilience and Impact Optimization Toolkit


This toolkit is for non-profits and funders. The disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is different from any other external disruption the social sector has seen before. Macroeconomic and socio-political stressors will have huge implications on India’s ability to achieve SDG goals, on funding pipelines, and on government priorities, potentially creating an environment where re-invention of solutions is critical to ensure the well-being of the communities. Thus, pro-active risk assessments and comprehensive decision planning are urgently called for. Dasra has curated a Toolkit that will enable non-profit leaders to navigate the on-going crisis, pro-actively plan for future and re-align with evolving priorities.


The purpose of the toolkit is to help you and your non-profit executive team conduct a data-enabled stress test assessment that will allow your team to determine risk-adjusted decisions well in advance. Such decisions will not only help your nonprofit manage the ongoing crisis but may also place your nonprofit on the path of re-invention, and therefore, emerge more resilient from the crisis. The Toolkit currently consists of a Self-Assessment and a Recommended Decisions Framework, and as we roll it out, it will be updated on a real-time basis to ensure nonprofits are supported with Dasra’s latest insights.
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