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Dasra: Support NGO Collaboratives and Catalyze Collaborative Strategic Giving

Dasra is working with collaboratives of NGOs and funders to build sustainability in solving for COVID specific solutions. We are using the following approach with vulnerable stakeholders:

Scenario Planning and Resource Sharing through Digital Innovative Multi-pronged Solutions
1. Digital Decision Tree Based Scenario Planning ‘App’ for Non Profits’ Institutional Resilience and Impact Optimization
2. COVID Resource Collaborative: Dasra’s website is currently live with COVID Response through Dasra’s Collaboratives of Funders and NGOs sections on Working from home, Peer Learning, Team Anxiety and Stress, Capacity Building and Funding and Financing.

Catalyze Collaborative Strategic Giving for COVID 19 in India
3. Collaborative Funding Pledge in Response to COVID-19 Crisis
4. Supporting Funder Portfolios to Respond to COVID-19
5. Direct philanthropic capital to organizations in Dasra’s network working on COVID specific solutions through virtual convenings

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