Pragati Abhiyan

Pragati Abhiyan

Pragati Abhiyan is a multi layered organisation, its its approach. Though we are small organisation, we dabble at various levels of Government administration. Our approach is to ensure Government programs like MGNREGA, NFSA and PMFBY to achieve its goal for the people. We work with tribal families in villages in and around Nashik district of Maharashtra to make such programs reach there by capacity building of village volunteers. Once they start accessing these program the gaps and lacunae in the delivery mechanism come to surface which we study. We take up quick assessment studies and also serious research studies in collaboration with national and foreign universities. These studies help us understand challenges and build dialogue with Government for improving the programs.


  • Maharashtra


  • Capacity Building
  • Frontline or Grassroots Organisation
  • Policy-Research Organisation


  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Governance
  • Livelihoods
  • Social Protection
  • Water and Sanitation


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