Manthan Sanstha

Manthan Sanstha

Manthan is a non – profit organization based in rural area of Ajmer district, Rajasthan. It was started in 1998, prior to which it was a field centre (1981-1997) for the Social Work and Research Centre (SWRC) at Barefoot College, Tilonia. Manthan works on diverse local issues related to Sustainable Development along with empowering marginalized and excluded communities in 120 villages of Ajmer and Nagaur districts, Rajasthan, India.

While working in the community for education, organization recognized that water was the main basic need of the community as the areas are surrounded by Sambhar Salt Lake due to which ground water is salty & also they required awareness about other issues of community. This has resulted in excessive pressure on the existing ground water resources. Besides this major issue, communities also face severe social, economic, political and other environmental challenges.

Considering these challenges, Manthan works on issues related to water conservation, health access, education facilities, energy and provision of basic amenities through the Back to Basic Program. The main philosophy of the organization is to bring about equality and equity through a rights based and needs based approach. Through this approach, Manthan hopes that the marginalized and backward communities will be empowered to join mainstream society.

Manthan Sanstha is located in Kotri village, Roopangarh Tehsil, Kishangarh Block, Ajmer District, Rajasthan, India. Most of the villages are on the banks of the Sambhar Salt Lake. We largely work in villages of Ajmer and Nagaur districts. These areas face severe environmental challenges along with other social, economic and political issues.


  • Rajasthan


  • Advocacy Organisation
  • Frontline or Grassroots Organisation


  • Education
  • Livelihoods
  • Water and Sanitation


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