How are women-led organisations changing the CSO landscape?

November 30, 2023


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

How are women-led organisations changing the CSO landscape?

According to a survey conducted by Dasra of 328 Not-for-Profits (NPOs) in 2015, only 38 per cent were led by women. As an organisation in this space expands, the likelihood of it being led by a woman further declines. Representation of women in NPO boards is also bleak. So, what does it mean when women lead NPOs?

This is a critical question that the “impact” driven space needs to contend with. NPOs, or more largely Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), have much to contribute in terms of not only job creation but also meaningfully contributing to the communities that they serve.

There are a few questions that this Coffee Chat attempts to address:

  1. What does it mean for a woman to be leading a CSO in today’s time?
  2. What are the challenges (funds, networks, etc.) that women-led organisations have to confront? How is it different from those led by men?
  3. How do women-led organisations impact culture, values, and diversity in the CSO space?
  4. Has the landscape changed since 2015 or do we have much to do to enable representation in this space?

Through this Pulse for Development Coffee Chat, we want to understand how women-led organisations conceptualise and materialise in form and practice.


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