Change Agents: Livelihood Opportunities for Vulnerable Genders

June 16, 2023


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Change Agents: Livelihood Opportunities for Vulnerable Genders

In many parts of the world including India, vulnerable genders, such as transperson individuals face significant challenges in accessing livelihood opportunities. These challenges include limited access to education and training, discriminatory hiring practices, and social and cultural barriers. According to a study conducted by the National Human Rights Commission in 2018, 96 per cent of transgenders are denied jobs and are forced to take low paying or undignified work for livelihood. As a result, vulnerable genders often face higher rates of poverty and unemployment, limiting their ability to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

A new Coffee Chat of The Dignity Series will discuss the challenges faced by vulnerable genders in accessing livelihood opportunities and explore strategies to overcome these challenges. The session will focus on real-life examples of how groups have employed effective approaches for supporting vulnerable genders in accessing education and training, building their skills, and securing employment.

In particular, the focus will be on:-

  1. What are some of the biggest challenges faced by vulnerable genders in accessing livelihood opportunities?
  2. How have these groups demanded for better livelihoods and living conditions to overcome these challenges?
  3. What role can CSOs and policymakers play in promoting gender equality in their programmes so that vulnerable genders have access to meaningful employment opportunities?

The Dignity Series aims to shine a light on community-level collectives that have emerged from vulnerable groups and how they develop, access their demands, navigate the CSO and government spaces. For development practitioners, this is an excellent chance to hear from communities in their own voice; perspectives we hope will help shape their work and programmes.

Speakers’ bios:

Kiran Tirkey –

Kiran is a transgender who feels proud about her gender. Kiran works at The Naz Foundation (India) Trust for more than a decade and manages the front office the organization. She is also part of the training team of Naz. She has conducted number of capacity building programs for various groups including schools, colleges, Corporates Armed force personnel etc. The gender sensitization training for Delhi Police is one of the regular programs Kiran does since last 7 years. She hails from the beautiful land of Andaman Islands. Film maker Archana Thapliyal has made a documentary named ‘Kiran’ which is the story of Kiran. Kiran has acted in Bollywood movies ‘Mom’ with late Sree Devi.

Kanmani R –

Kanmani R is a savarna transgender woman and a lawyer currently practising in Chennai. She has been associated with legal rights work related to Transgender persons for four years now. She is working under the leadership of trans activist Grace Banu’s campaign for horizontal reservations for transgender persons. She has been conducting training and sensitisation sessions in educational spaces and workplaces on the Transgender Persons’ (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019. She hopes to teach while practising law someday.


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